Working Papers

The Narrative of the Energy Efficiency Gap
with Tobias Wekhof.
CER-ETH Working Paper 21/359 (R&R at Nature Energy).
Heterogeneous (mis-) perceptions of energy costs: Implications for measurement and policy design.
with Erica Myers.
National Bureau of Economic Research WP 25722 (R&R at Journal of Political Economy-Microeconomics).
The Incidence of the U.S.-China Solar Trade War
with Wenjun Wang.
CER-ETH Working Paper 22/372.
The Efficiency Consequences of Heterogeneous Behavioral Responses to Energy Fiscal Policies
with Joseph Aldy.
National Bureau of Economic Research WP 24103.

Published Papers

Are consumers attentive to local energy costs? Evidence from the appliance market.
with Erica Myers.
Journal of Public Economics, (2021) September.
Consumer Myopia in Vehicle Purchases: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
with Kenneth Gillingham and Arthur A. van Benthem.
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, (2021) Vol 13(2), Pages 207-238.
How Consumers Respond to Product Certification and the Value of Energy Information.
The RAND Journal of Economics, (2018) Vol 49(2), Pages 453-477.
Moral Hazard and the Energy Efficiency Gap: Theory and Evidence
with Louis-Gaetan Giraudet and Joe Maher.
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economics, (2018) Vol 5(4), Pages 755-790.
Consumers’ Response to State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Programs
with Joseph E. Aldy.
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2017, Vol 9(4), Pages 227-255.
Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for Appliances: Old and New Economic Rationales
with Anna C. Spurlock.
Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, 2016, Vol 5(2)
The decimal effect: behavioral and neural bases for a novel influence on intertemporal choice in healthy individuals and in ADHD.
with Catherine Fassbender, Shayla Silver-Balbus, Kacey Ballard, Bokyung Kim, Kyle J. Rutledge, J. Faye Dixon, Ana-Maria Iosif, Julie B. Schweitzer, and Samuel M. McClure.
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 26, no. 11 (2014): 2455-2468.
Real-time Feedback and Electricity Consumption: A Field Experiment Assessing the Potential for Savings and Persistence
with Annika Todd, Anant Sudarshan, June A. Flora and Carrie K. Armel.
The Energy Journal, 2013, Vol 34(1)
Measuring Marginal Congestion Costs of Urban Transportation: Do Networks Matter?
with Elena Safirova and Kenneth Gillingham.
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 2007, Vol 41(8), Pages 734-749.

Book Chapter

Spatial Development and Energy Consumption (2008)
Safirova E., S. Houde and W. Harrington. in Urban and Regional Policy and its Effects, Vol 1. Turner M.A., Wial, H. and Wolman H. editors. Bookings Institution Press. Washington, DC.

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